Dragon Ball Online is one of the most popular anime games

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Given that Dragon Ball Z Online includes online multiplayer, the sales figure is great news for fans of the game.Prior to the game's reveal at Anime game's Dragon Ball anime press conference, many gamers were expecting to see the title make an appearance after it was discovered that Games Dragon Ball Z had trademarked Dragon Ball Z Online in the US.The sales of Dragon Ball Z Online are impressive given that it came out halfway through the month, and extra impressive as gained it 9th place in sales for 2017's new games.

Not only can Majin be seen flying around a spaceship above the clouds, the footage also shows Majin standing on top of a temple.It should also be noted that players will not have immediate access to a spaceship.If players start out at a high level with tons of abilities, it will cut into the time they would have spent playing and leveling their character.For hardcore Dragon Ball Z Online fans, the Online Dragon Ball Z games pack  has a lot to offer.Currently, beginning a new game on the same profile will overwrite existing save data.The gameplay for Dragon Ball Z Online, which can be seen below, shows off quite a few features coming in the fast-paced action title.

The inevitability of Ballz Online moving forward from Dragon Ball Z Online should now be settling in.According to Dragon Ball Z game, the development team is aware of the current issue and is attempting to find long-term solutions.The Dragon Ball Z Online reveal trailer at Game Dragon Ball Online did show the character jet-packing up to meet Saiyan before the two make a getaway, but this new footage is a confirmation that players will be able to travel even further with the piece of kit.

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