Free PDF Solutions Launches New Software

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Free PDF Solutions has launched new software that has made PDF To OCR Text conversions quite simple for users.

Today people have no option but to work with PDF files on a regular basis. They are becoming the norm today, especially in the professional world. It’s understandable because they have many advantages for professional uses. However major issues can crop up when these files have to be converted into different formats.

Free PDF Solutions has been helping users with PDF document conversions with its high quality software that is easy to work with. The new PDF To OCR Converter is one such product that gives complete power in the hands of users. Now they can convert PDF documents to their chosen format without any difficulty.

OCR – optical character recognition technology has been used to store FAX documents into plain text format. They have their benefits for specific applications, which is why these conversions are crucial for users. The good news is that with the help of this software they can handle the tasks themselves without any professional help needed.

While ease of use is important to users, they also want to make sure that the quality of their files is not diminished. Free PDF Solutions understands that and its new software assures users of the quality of the final result. The image based PDF files will be converted quickly and without affecting its overall quality.

The converter also offers convenient web search and quick links to performance tips from the Chrome New Page Tab, which is another cool feature.

About PDF To OCR Converter

It is a simple and convenient converter that helps users convert PDF files into OCR text format for their specific requirements.

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