Remove Scroll Content – Facebook Extension Launched

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Remove Scroll Content – Facebook can help Remove Scrolled Content For Facebook to keep the page extremely light as it should be.

Social media platforms are ruling the roost today; no two ways about it. People rely on them to communicate with their friends from all over the world, for news and simply to share things going on in their day. And when it comes to social media, Facebook is the most popular option out there today.

Today’s tech savvy users are logging on to Facebook through different mobile devices. They look at it when they are on the road or when travelling for that matter. Unfortunately sometimes the page is slowed down because of the content that has already been viewed by users. That’s where this smart extension has its benefits for users.

Clearly the software has been created with the needs of today’s users in mind and it lives up to its goal. Quite simply, Remove Scroll Content – Facebook works by removing the content people have already seen on the social media platform. It then scrolls down to ensure that the page doesn’t get very heavy.

The practical benefit of this software is the fact that it keeps the page light as users scroll down. As a result they will be able to see as many posts as they want without any hassle or slowing down. This makes a lot of sense for users, who have to be on Facebook through a large part of the day.

The easy to use software is also lightweight and compatible with several devices.

About Remove Scroll Content – Facebook

It is an extension, which removes the content seen by users on the social media platform so that the page stays light.

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