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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - For Immediate Release:

June 25, 2017: Royal Maya got her independence to received her independence. It is the secret uncut diamond immediately outside the Bermuda Triangle. In 1997, KYA Inc. purchased the islands with the vision of creating a “Monaco” of the West and one day serving as the premier tourist destination in the Caribbean.

The Federation of Royal Maya (URE) became independent from the Republic of Cuba as a nation of three island (Princely States), Maya, Yama, and Tago. They were formally known as Cayo Fragoso, Cayo Medio Marcos and Cayos Del Pajonal. Though some within the Cuban Government portray their sentiments and would rather keep the legitimacy of this new State as a secret.

Royal Maya is not a Castro puppet state or a CIA/U.S. secret plan but is intended for and will be the vacation nation of the Caribbean. His Majesty will be reaching out to President Donald Trump to discuss development opportunities of Royal Maya, benefiting both the US economy and Cuba's economy through cultural exchanges and tourism. Cuba will give the support by allowing Royal Maya to serve out her true potential and original vision.

As President Raul Castro prepares to step down in 2018, a smooth evolution within the Cuban framework and friendliness toward the recognized state is strongly advised. Many nations and publications will catch wind of the real estate buffet prepping debut serving.

About The Company:
The Federation of Royal Maya (United Royal Emirates) is a new territory that became independent from Cuba in 1997 by order of President Fidel Castro with hopes of creating a tourist vacation nation getaway and an economic booster for the US and Cuban economies as the Federation uses the US dollar. For more information visit

Contact Details:

Address: 10159 Truman Ave, Port-el-Cotroné, Tago, FRM
Contact the Office of the Premier:
Minister of Foreign Affairs:


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