Crook in Wig? Criminal attorney Bradley (Brad) Carr accused falsely obtaining money from innocent clients

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - While it is not particularly strange for persons that are supposed to be in custody of the law, breaching the law, the case of K. Bradley Carr a relatively popular criminal lawyer based in Utah has led to a public outcry with tens of clients complaining about the deceptive act of the lawyer.

A senior partner in Carr & Woodall, a law firm he runs in conjunction with his partner, James H. Woodall, the attorney has been severally accused of taking money from clients without delivering the service paid for.

Brad Carr through his firm portrays a false case to his clients, and giving hope even when fully convinced that the client has no case. In addition to deceiving clients and subsequently obtaining money from them with falsehood, Brad Carr also tries to use dubious means to help his client wriggle their way through cases without the knowledge or consent of the clients.

Brad Carr also has a reputation for charging exorbitant fees from his clients with several reported cases of such occurrences. In addition to falsely extorting his clients, Carr also fails to refund monies to clients even when there is money after losing a case due to his negligence.

The different reports of the evil act of the lawyer with support from his partner James H. Woodall through their legal firm have cleared the air about their negligence and intent to commit fraud with every case they handle on behalf of their clients.

The public is therefore advised to stay away from this crook that parades himself as a criminal lawyer, even as the relevant law enforcement agencies are called to investigate and subsequent prosecute Bradley (Brad) Carr and his criminal accomplices.

Media Contact
K. Bradley Carr, Attorney at Law – Utah Bar No. 14428
Company: Carr & Woodall, PLLC
Address: 10808 S. River Front Pkwy, Suite 175, South Jordan, Utah 84095
Phone: (801) 254-9450

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