Scam Alert raised on Utah lawyers – Bradley (Brad) Carr and James H. Woodall

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Utah attorneys, Bradley Carr and James Woodall have once again come on the wrong side of publicity as they have been accused of stealing the monies of their clients without necessarily delivering on their promises.

With Bar Number 14428, the criminal lawyer team has perpetrated their evil acts under the guise of providing legal services to their clients, with investigations subsequently revealing that the attorneys only defraud people of their money without rendering the services paid for.

It gets even worse with the team as not only do they fail to deliver on their promises even after getting paid, but they also fail to give a refund to their clients and in some cases, even threaten their clients. Different cases have been reported against these lawyers, with a famous one involving the attorneys and a client of theirs in a sensitive child custody case.

Similar to other cases, the attorneys assigned a brand new and inexperienced paralegal named “Cindy Hansen” to the case, while charging the client top dollar. As it is with most cases, the client lost the case despite paying exorbitantly to the attorneys, because Cindy Hansen has no license to practice law.

Brad Carr and James Woodall are also known for not appearing during court cases only to come up with rather flimsy excuses and subsequently leaving their innocents clients to suffer. The Carr & Woodall Law Firm also has a record of only showing up to demand for money from their clients, failing to meet important deadlines and hurting their clients’ cases.

These lawyers need to be investigated for fraud and gross misconduct, with the appropriate punishment meted out to them. Their acts are not only a disgrace to the noble legal profession, but are also criminal.

Carr & Woodall, PLLC is located at 10808 S. River Front Pkwy, Suite 175, South Jordan, Utah 84095, and the public is advised to stay away from these crooks in wigs.

Media Contact
K. Bradley Carr, Attorney at Law – Utah Bar No. 14428
Company: Carr & Woodall, PLLC
Address: 10808 S. River Front Pkwy, Suite 175, South Jordan, Utah 84095
Phone: (801) 254-9450

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