Attorneys Bradley Carr and James Woodall involved in a rip off

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Two of Utah’s shady attorneys have been accused by clients of not only ripping them off by charging extremely high fees for their services, but also sexually harassing their clients by attempting to rape them.

While cases of lawyers trying to play on the intelligence of their clients is not strange, with different reports of such instances happening, the case of K. Bradley Carr and James H. Woodall has grabbed the attention of the media and the legal world in general.

Accused of being greedy, selfish, manipulative and full of deceit, these attorneys have found themselves on the wrong side of the media with a public outcry about their exploitative acts, which include playing games with women especially as the lawyer, Bradley Carr, play’s around with a lot women and partner, James Woodall, covering up these evil acts.

In addition to dating different women who are supposed to be his clients, Brad Carr has also been alleged to cart away with monies reportedly belonging to his clients. This fraudulent act by the lawyer in conjunction with his partner has led to the collapse of several businesses and the destruction of homes especially those that depended on such refunds to get their businesses or lives back on track.

With Utah bar number 14428, Bradley Carr and his partner James Woodall have successfully enriched themselves with monies belonging to their clients and with their manipulative tactics, charged high legal fees from clients who have innocently paid only to discover that these two are nothing but a scam.

Doing business with these two crooks has been subsequently seen as not just a waste of time but a threat to life and property as they cart away with clients’ monies and fail to deliver on their claims.

Media Contact
K. Bradley Carr, Attorney at Law – Utah Bar No. 14428
Company: Carr & Woodall, PLLC
Address: 10808 S. River Front Pkwy, Suite 175, South Jordan, Utah 84095
Phone: (801) 254-9450

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