Flash Garage Door Repair Cypress TX Completed Formalities to Become DASMA Compliant

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - USA - Flash Garage Door Repair, a garage door repair service provider in Cypress TX, recently completed due formalities to become DASMA compliant. DASMA, or Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association International, has set a guideline for garage door repair and maintenance. At a recent press conference, Flash Garage Door Repair Cypress TX owners claimed that they now fully adhere to the guidelines of DASMA.

The owners also maintained that they comply with the Federal Laws to render legally compliant garage door repair services to their clients in and outside Cypress, Texas. “Garage door openers which were manufactured before 1993 must be replaced as required by the Federal Laws. We wanted to introduce a system which is completely compliant with the DASMA guidelines. We recommend specific changes, repairs and replacements for all sorts of garage doors based on the recommendations of DASMA, which are aligned with the Federal Laws”, said Susan Mary, the CEO and co-owner of the company.

For garage owners who have subscribed to the Annual Maintenance Plan of Flash Garage Door Repair Cypress TX, the company now offers monthly reversal test for all sorts of garage doors. Also, the garage door repair service providers offer on-demand force setting test for garage doors every month to their subscribers.

Susan Mary explained how regular garage door maintenance in Cypress TX has almost become an imperative for the homeowners. She said that most car theft cases happen due to the fact that the owners of the garages do not take their garage security seriously.

“People in Cypress, Texas often overlook the wears and tears on their garage doors. However, if someone overlooks his garage door issues, that might prove costly in the long run. As a leading garage door repair service provider in Cypress TX , we feel it’s our responsibility to provide free inspection to the garage owners in the region. People who are interested in having their garage doors inspected need to fill up an online form only”, added Susan during a recent press conference held in Cypress.

About the Company

Flash Garage Door Repair Cypress TX is a leading garage door repair service provider.

To know more, visit http://garagedoorrepairincypresstx.com/

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