Fetal Transducers Brings Good Luck For Many Pregnant Women Over The World

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 10, July 2017: It should be happiest thing for each of the mothers when they are still in pregnancy. Day by day their baby grow bigger and bigger in their body, with many of imagination about their baby. Is it a girl or a boy? It looks like the daddy? Or It looks like the mommy? Is he or she like to smile even in mother’s body?

But the most important thing is that is he or she healthy?

Many of the mothers should be moved to tears when they hear the baby’s first heartbeat and begin to smile when they see their baby’s first 2D/3D images through the ultrasound scanner.

All of these should be assisted by the modern diagnosis equipments, fetal transducers are just one of them. Around 2 months before the baby’s born, mothers should come to the Obstetrics Department to inspect the baby’s growing environment in mother’s body, in order to see if the heartbeat is normal and if the baby is lack of oxygen or not, because different mother’s body has different uterus and the baby’s size and growing situation is different too. Each time the fetus inspection should take around half an hour and the fetal monitor will record the whole results. If the inspection results show that the baby is lack of oxygen, then the mother should leave in the obstetrics department to have enough oxygen inhalation, maybe one time per day, maybe one time per week, until the baby’s born fluently.

The popular fetal transducers in the hospitals include: the Philips TOCO & US transducers, the GE Corometrics TOCO & US transducers, the Edan TOCO & US transducers, the Sonicaid/Huntley TOCO & US transducers, the Bionet TOCO & US transducers, also the Twins transducer from Goldway.

Hospitals would choose the Original fetal transducers, as well as the Compatible fetal transducers made from China, which are very mature in the market because of their excellent performance on the monitors and low cost.

To know more information about the Compatible fetal transducers, you could contact Medi Farcoo Limited and they would be a good one for contact.

About Medi Farcoo Limited:

Medi Farcoo Limited is a professional supplier of ultrasound transducers and patient monitor accessories from Shenzhen,China, with the goal to build a better life for people all around the world. The Patient monitor accessories mainly including: Spo2 Sensor, ECG Cable, NIBP cuff, IBP Cable, Temperature probe, Fetal transducer and so on.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Mrs. Linda Lau
Company: Medi Farcoo Limited
Phone: +86-755-2237 9458
Email: info@medi-farcoo.com
Website: http://www.medi-farcoo.com/

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