Six Motives to Go to Lombok

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Bali is among the most visited places in Indonesia, but not many know a lot about Lombok, which can be a uncommon and hidden gem. The tourist inflow into Lombok is comparatively reduce than Bali. You will not regret going to Lombok for these six factors. Get much more details about rinjani samalas

Get close to nature
The picturesque destination, just 35 km east of Bali, is most well known for Mount Rinjani, also referred to as Gunung Rinjani, an active volcanic peak. Actually, it is the second highest volcano in the entire of Indonesia. Trekking to Rinjani is actually a common activity. Although at Rinjani, it is best to also go to the Segara Anak, the crater lake, and also the hot springs, in the rim of your crater. Views of Bali, Mt Agung and also the island of Lombok are spectacular and well worth the climb.

Head for the islands
These head to Lombok go there for the beaches, largely unspoilt and picture-postcard quite. You can also spot coral reefs at Gili Islands. You'll find 3 islands, Trawangan, Meno and Air. There's a mix of water sport, restaurants and rich nightlife on the 3 islands.

Explore Senggigi Beach
This really is essentially the most significant tourist hub of all areas on Lombok Island. The location could be employed as a base from where you could discover the rest from the island. The beach itself can be a picturesque 1 and you also can take up snorkelling. There are many compact handicraft shops that sell nearby wares right here too.

Learn all about regional crafts
The village is an critical centre of pottery producing. Pottery on the Sasaks, the neighborhood neighborhood, is a reflection on the culture and heritage in the indigenous people around the island.

A pearl you wish to hold on to...
Sekarbela village is located in Mataram, and you can scout for some pearls sold at cost-effective prices. These pearls are highly well-known amongst vacationers who go to the area. You can also get an concept of how pearls are farmed here.

A little of history
The Mayura Water Palace was constructed inside the 18th century, and includes a temple belonging to royalty. The location is definitely an important sport for the Hindus of Lombok. There is a massive pool in addition to a pavilion which can be called Bale Kambang.

Climate and accommodation

The climate is hot for any big part of the year in Lombok. In case you strategy on trekking, it is best to keep away from the rainy season, which generally starts in November and goes on till April. For those who wish to travel to Lombok, you can take a flight to Bali, and after that take one of many several every day flights from there. Also, you will find ferries between Lombok's Lembar and Bali's Padangbai.

Accommodation is not a problem and there are numerous hotels in Lombok to suit many budgets. You will find also quite a few resorts in Lombok you could possibly opt for, aside from a range of homestays on the various parts of your island.

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