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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Being a DBZ Game commercial, things only get more twisted from there, as Rupert handily defeats Linda and she is promptly taken by two soldiers for four weeks of, "Dragon Ball Z game online"."Dragon Ball Online Game" says it all, as two Americans compete to translate abstract nouns from English to German.For those wondering what Dragon Ball Z Online will specifically offer fans of the role-playing game, the outfits are set to make Saiyan and partners invulnerable to damage for 30 minutes upon equipping.
"I deeply apologize to those who have been looking forward to the game's release," read a statement from the studio's CEO and president.There were no guarantees that a sequel to Dragon Ball Game would ever come to a fruition, so a short delay is a relatively small concern in the grander scheme of things.When a company is putting in millions of dollars into a project, the last thing it wants is a fan revolt.Playing the reworked Control gametype, detailed in yesterday's new Dragon Ball Z Online info drop, the gameplay shows how DBZ Game is all about making the most of fortified and defensive positioning.
DBZ Game Entertainment also released two hour gameplay streams earlier this week giving fans an in-depth look at the upcoming expansion and the new Inquisitor class.And speaking of solid post-launch support, DBZ Game has also revealed that it will have some big announcements to share at DBZ Games Online, which is most likely related to even more DLC for the title, or perhaps even a PC port for the RPG.One source calls this an "awful deal" and said that "a deal of this size with a developer should be a mutually beneficial partnership."However, now there's some bad news regarding the project - it won't make its anticipated 2017 release date.
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