Education Lanes offers An Innovative milestone in Virtual Learning

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Virtual-Interactive learning is the modern face of education. It is a force which cuts down the barriers of time and distance. Allied with Distance Education, this innovative method of study has brought about a revolution in the field of education.

With changes in education patterns, Virtual-Interactive learning is no more merely a trend; it’s more of a technique these days. It is an advanced approach to education. Yet, this system is still in its development stage and the need of the hour is to identify an efficient method of Virtual- Interactive learning.

Education Lanes, an initiative by Mahindra Group, has emerged as the foremost contributor in Virtual leaning, which is relatively a new approach to Distance Education. They have accelerated the growth of Virtual-Interactive learning through digital technologies based on internet and cloud based system and training service. Since its inception, Education Lanes has provided quality education for students as well as working professionals through virtual and digital mode.

Education Lanes aims to remove the constraints of quality education, particularly time and distance. The idea or force behind Education Lanes is the liberty of education to all, i.e., Anytime, Anywhere Learning.

Whether you are student or a working professional, if you aspire for quality education through innovative techniques, then Education Lanes has a lot to offer you. You can contact their team for any query regarding their courses.

Tech Mahindra Growth Factories Ltd
248, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase III
New Delhi – 110020
Phone: +91 8377831825

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