Qherb Repackaged Bitter Apricot Seed Extract for Promoting the Traditional Herb

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China - Qherb, a top-notch manufacturer of herbal medicines, recently launched Bitter Apricot Seed Extract after repackaging the herb. The owners maintained that the bitter apricot seed extract has long been forgotten by people from all walks of life, but added that the extract can be highly beneficial in treating a number of medical conditions, including but not limited to cancer, common cough and asthma.

“We do not claim that the bitter apricot seed extract helps in treating cancer, but the herb is definitely effective in preventing cancer. This is because amygdalin is the active ingredient of the herb, which was first used in Russia back in 1845 for treating cancer”, stated an executive. “Independent research has proved that the herb has excellent anti-cancer properties, but sadly, most people are not aware of the medicinal benefits of the herb. Also, the Bitter Apricot Seed Extract supplies all the necessary vitamins to the people suffering from asthma, common cough and other related conditions”, added the executive during a recent press conference.

The executive also added that they have successfully repackaged the Bitter Apricot Seed Extract so that people who blindly rely on the mainstream medicines can at least become curious about the benefits of the herb and become interested in their brand too. “We want to repackage the herb so that people who have never tried herbal medicine can at least give the Bitter Apricot Seed Extract a try and reap the amazing benefits. Our future marketing campaigns will be aimed at spreading awareness about the medicinal benefits of the herb”, added the executive during a press conference.

The CEO of Qherb briefly appeared at a press conference held in Hong Kong. He said not only Bitter Apricot Seed Extract, but they want to promote all sorts of herbal medicines in the coming days. “Our goal is promote all types of herbal medicines, especially the ones which have long been forgotten by the common masses. We have successfully repackaged the Bitter Apricot Seed Extract and we will repackage the other types of herbs and extracts too. The ultimate aim is to let people know that alternative medicines actually exist”, he told the press.

About the Company

Qherb is a top manufacturer of herbal medicines.

To know more, visit http://www.qherb.net/product/bitter-apricot-seed-extract/

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