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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - McCallister Office Supplies offers an assortment of office stationery that is needed in an office day in and day out. Stationery is something that keeps the office up and running. It is indeed a terrible situation when the office assistant runs out of stapler pins or forgets to order for extra printing paper. McCallister helps stock up all the necessary supplies and delivers them right to the door step. Once the supplies are running out, customers can simply add their items in the cart. And whenever they feel the need, they can simply check out from the McCallister’s shopping cart. There are some thoughtful items too that are available here at McCallister and can be used to gift the new employees who walk in on their first day. Here are a few items which are a must have on every office desk:

Tom Andersons Tactical Pen – Priced at just $7.54, the Tom Anderson’s Twister Tactical Pen is elegantly designed. This ball point pen comes with a pointed end and also glows in the dark and one can locate it easily without the light. The stainless steel shaft offers a firm grip. Tom Anderson is known as an expert knife maker and so one can only imagine the quality of this pen and the tactical features behind making of it. This 5” pen is available in blue, gray and black colors.

Lamb Foam Fun Notebook – Priced at just $0.63, this book is extremely fun to have on an office desk. One can use this book to make immediate notes. No matter how advanced the world has gotten with emails and notepads on PCs, there is still room for a small notebook on a desk. This book is also appropriate for kids too and can be used for gifting or as return gifts.

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McCallister Office Supplies

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