Launches New Android App for Locking Online Content

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The ad locking technology used by the entity has proven to monetize content

USA, 11th August 2017: Publishers who wish to lock their online content with the help of the relevant technology can consider the latest Android app at the aforementioned website. It is claimed to be an effective means to accomplish the same and help publishers in earning money from their content. There are believed to be many features in the tool and all of these are easy to use.

It is significant for advertisers to connect with the respective target audience so as to get monetize the website. There are many ways of doing it. However, the best and proven method is by ad locking the content. There are many tools which can serve this purpose. These are able to generate traffic to the relevant online sources without any hassles. Whether it is Pay per Click or Pay per Impression, there are many techniques which have been imbibed in these ad locking apps.

The said website has introduced a new Android App for the purpose. This has been described by experts are being flexible and there are many users who are believed to have benefited from the same. A mobile app that helps lock content and is able to attract the attention of the target audience can be quite handy for any publishers and this is what the new one claims to provide.

The website says, “Protecting the content of publishers is an important aspect and this is what we aim to accomplish with our extensive apps. There are many people who can benefit from the same and make sure that their website earns them the relevant ROI. Whatever be the requirement, our experts are available to provide you with customized solutions. Our ad locking technology uses the latest tools and can be used over multifold devices. It is a popular choice amongst many publishers.”

To obtain more information about the app, visit

About the website

The website claims that there are several unique solutions that are provided to individual publishers who have specific needs. Their apps have received fairly positive reviews from most users and all of them have been described as effective. There is a customer service team which can answer any queries with the help of an online contact form.

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