Liv Business Opportunity Now In Prelaunch

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Liv Business Opportunity, 13 August, 2017: Liv is an outstanding new membership club that helps people to live more joyfully by doing things they love. In our busy lives we always worry about our future, health, our family’s well being, their future and a lot more things. Co-founder Nick Sarnicola of Liv Business Opportunity has designed this program to allow people to have a life where there are less worries and more fun.

Nick Sarnicola has travelled to many countries around the world and experienced different people, listened to their problems and looked at their lifestyles, which motivated him to do something for average people to help them lead better lives. The Liv Business Opportunity is basically based on three things: Pledging, Activating and Living. If anyone wants to experience a life with Liv, these are the three things that makes it possible.

Liv have introduced a new luxury lifestyle and travel network which is now in Pre-Launch. Liv prelaunch by ViSalus is allowing people to be a part of the Liv community and get access to many wonderful things including amazing concerts, vacations, festivals, adrenaline experiences & much more.

The company also feels very proud to announce Liv 2017 launch where they invite people in the United States and Canada to to live a life that they have always dreamed of. Every member of Liv gets access to amazing perks. One will be able to live a global lifestyle along with six major components including concerts, food festivals, nightlife, healthy lifestyle activities, and more. Discover more about this program from:

About Company: Liv is a destination that provides people many opportunities to live their life in a better, healthier and happier way by experiencing a global lifestyle through a community program.

Contact Details:
James Winsoar, Liv Independent Promoter, 340 E. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 400, Troy, MI 48083, United States. (877) 847-2587.

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