Introducing the Hijan Whirlspin MM15

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Hijan Tech introduces the world’s first truly multi-surface and multi-function vacuum with vortex technology, the Hijan Whirlspin MM15. The Hijan team has been developing its patented Whirlspin MM15 for the last 2 years and is on the verge of launching its versatile hand-held vacuum cleaner with vortex technology.

In a bid to offer the best possible cleaning solution for the cleaning needs of today’s homes and society at large, the Hijan Tech Team has launched a new hand-held vacuum cleaner. The new Hijan Whirlspin MM15 vacuum is equipped with advanced and intelligent technology to give powerful performance. This versatile vacuum was built with the customer in mind and offers an excellent design and numerous functions to make it ideal for all kinds of floors. The cleaning functions are ideal for dust, scraps and dirt on various surfaces including ceramic, hardwood, marble, carpet, tiles and grout, without the need for traditional harsh methods.

Unlike conventional vacuums claiming to be multi-surface, the Hijan Whirlspin MM15 with vortex technology does the cleaning and drying for all your floor needs and achieves an effortless clean. As a hand-held vacuum, The Hijan Whirlspin MM15 was built with you the customer in mind, it’s lightweight with a modern design and equipped with new technology noise reduction motor to produce less noise than your conventional models.

The Founder and CEO of Hijan Tech attained a utility patent for the Whirlspin MM15 and with that they created Hijan to be the outlet for this revolutionary vacuum. The Hijan Whirlspin MM15 multi-surface vacuum with its interchangeable brush cartridge and independent brush motor is the only vacuum on the market designed to truly be multi-functional.

To learn more about the new Hijan Whirlspin MM15 vacuum cleaner, visit the company’s website at

About Hijan Tech

Hijan Tech was founded with the mission to revolutionize and simplify the task of cleaning floors for households, businesses and institutions. The Hijan Tech team utilizes innovation to bridge the gap that separates functionality and versatility with design and aesthetics. As a result, Hijan manufactures only the best products that are user-friendly and produce optimum results for users.

Being a designer and manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, Hijan values innovation, flexibility, and ergonomics. With that mindset, the company set out to develop and patent a new process for vacuum cleaners to fit in with the lifestyle of Hijan brand. Hijan was born from this simple idea; the knowledge that in today’s fast-paced world, the most compelling technology goes hand-in-hand with ergonomic craftsmanship. Therefore, at Hijan, only products that work are engineered and also have ergonomic features to create a healthy lifestyle for Hijan product.

The company is focused on bringing innovative ideas and solutions to life in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners and floor care for use in homes, commercial operations and other uses. The Hijan Tech team offers products to its customers that set the standards for durability, performance, ease of use, energy efficiency, design and service while maintaining top notch customer service.

Media Contact Information

For more about Hijan Whirlspin MM15 and other Hijan Tech’s products and services, please contact:
Hijan Tech Team
12248 Miami, Fl 11111
P.O. Box 0000
Contact number: +1 305 423 9303

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