The difference V3F16L and V3F25

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The difference V3F16L and V3F25

V3F16L KONE elevators and V3F25 belong to two different drive systems, two drivers have a difference in the nature, then where do they differ? From the structural use, maintenance and other aspects of commissioning a brief description of the differences between V3F16L and V3F25
V3F16L difference with respect to structure and use V3F25: V3F16L integral part of the drive cabinet, which has three internal circuit board, IGBT is a seven-piece unit, and the internal circuit includes a rectifier. Used for low-speed series KONE elevator or freight elevators. When using V3F16L drive system the way it’s speed device is a tachometer generator to complete.
V3F25 drive belonging to split the drive cabinet, which has only two boards, called A1 and A2 board panels, it uses three high-power tube discrete IGBT. It for a small room used for sightseeing lift or elevator, used for fast running speed elevators. In addition to its input port of a rotary encoder, a weighing device, and a motor speed generator such as a thermistor devices are cured (HCB) 385: A1 board.
V3F16L with V3F25 difference in terms of commissioning maintenance: When V3F16L maintenance is relatively easy to maintain, more convenient disassembly. When V3F25 complex disassembly, A1 board more susceptible to failure, the failure is not very easy to repair.

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