WatzHapnin.com suggesting the Places to go and Things to do in small town America

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - WatzHapnin.com offers a platform where people can explore, discover and create memories. The website suggests places to go and things to do in small town America. It offers a chance know what’s happening in the next town. One can engage in activities such as factory tours, railroad excursions, drive-in theatres, boat excursions, visits to botanical gardens, outdoor and dramas among other places and activities.

These places and activities are grouped by areas of interest which include animals, fairs, festivals, music, outdoors, trains, planes and automobiles, points of interest, tours and sports.

Animal kingdoms, both large and small; fairs where visitors can celebrate the local community and delicious foods. Music where one can pick a genre to enjoy as well as explore its history, outdoors where visitors can sample different places and see how the country is blessed with an abundance of outdoor space, from National Parks, National Forests, and State Parks as well as local parks which have campsites.

There are points of interest which include the museums, memorials, monuments, and state capital buildings among other historical locations.

There are also a variety of sports to engage in, they include baseball, both for minor, major and independent leagues, ski slopes, and Highland games among other sports.

Travelers also have an opportunity to see what’s manufactured at factories across the country when they are on tours. There are farms, wine farms and factories, mines, as well as industries for various kinds of food.

There are a variety of means of transport, vintage and classic, planes, and rail among others. These means will take visitors on nostalgic trips, sampling the America’s historic transportation past.

Also there are a variety of festivals, ranging from art and film, to street painting, and outdoor drama among others.

When you choose an area of interest, a GPS pin will show in the map. Clicking on the pin gives the name of the place, physical address and a link to the website as well as directions to the place that has been selected. The site acts as a trailing map, where one can sample places for future visits. To be able to do that the site has a bucket list where one can save places they intend to visit in the future. Subscribers will get a regular email to remind them of their selections as well as new additions to the map.

WatzHapnin is currently offering a ten-day free trial. An annual subscription is $ 5.95, a package that includes full access to the database, a personal Bucket List and regular emails which inform subscribers of new additions. For more information visit: https://watzhapnin.com/

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