RealtyMyths.Com Introduces 'InfraCulture'

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - An effort to bring infrastructure into mainstream thought process

In an effort to bring infrastructure and real estate into the mainstream thought process where every section of society consider them as an essential part of social development, Realtymyths, India's first real estate online interactive platform, today introduced 'InfraCulture'. InfraCulture, as a concept, focuses on highlighting the importance of infrastructure in development of a culture and, including real estate, encourages youth to involve them more actively than earlier.

"In our country people start thinking about buying their home only when they reach their mid-age. We seldom witness same seriousness from youth who are into their early twenties. Home is just an example. The practice is evident across infrastructural segments. There is a dire needs to bring the youth into this thinking process", said Mr. Ritesh Mathur, Managing Director, and on the overall thought behind 'InfraCulture'.

He further added, "India is a young nation. It is time now to involve the youth in nation's infrastructural needs, designing and development. What is town planning, how roads are designed, things citizens should care about and many more. We cannot ask everything from the government. We too have our own responsibilities towards the nation and should adhere to that we best of our capabilities".

RealtyMyths.Com, in the process, has started a series of stories, reports and information pieces which a youth can refer to and understand the basic essence of social infrastructure. Through its recently revamped website, the interactive portal is also inviting participation from students and young working professionals in the form of 'Citizen Reporting'. A person needs to create his profile on the website and start contributing articles and 'Do It Yourself' stories such has how to beautify and maintain one's society, how to take care of the public parks etc. Around 500 students and working professionals have already created their profiles on and have started interacting with each other.

About RealthMyths:
RealtyMyths is a new-age interactive infraculture digital news platform that generates value for all the stakeholders in the real estate industry by sharing knowledge and information in the form of news, views and reviews. Incorporated in the year 2013, RealtyMyths has been actively working towards enriching consumers' knowledge about the sector and the industry, whereas, helping brands and corporations reach to their target audiences. It has successfully completed three campaigns primarily focused on consumer awareness. These campaigns are '#ChaloYojanaBanaye', '#ThankUBuilders' and '#IrresponsibleCapital'.

For more information:
Mr. Souma Mukherjee
Senior Correspondent
Mob: 9560867275

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