Why should use fingerprint door lock?

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Have you ever had a chance to forget or lose your home or office keys or see someone else in the same situation? The fact that if it happens, you will lose a cost to hire a professional unlocker and then replace the new lock.
Imagine just fingertips being unlockable, extremely simple. It's the power of biometric technology, one of today's most modern identification technologies. If you and your family do not want to ever lock the lock again, the fingerprint lock is a perfect solution.
Security security
Fingerprint lock incorporates state-of-the-art technology. Fingerprint scanning is the longest and most experimental type of biometric technology. Recent reports on biometrics have shown that compared to manual methods, fingerprints are more accurate and cost-effective. Fingerprint copying is virtually impossible, only one percent of the opportunity. Biometric security ensures a way to identify active users with something that can not be lost, copied or stolen.
NewEra fingerprint door lock manufactured by Assa Abloy
How do fingerprint locks work? Authorized person will be scanned fingerprint physical characteristics and transformed into a numerical algorithm then entered into the database of the key. To have the right to open the door, the user must provide the same fingerprint.
Speed ​​and speed
With fingerprint lock, the opening process is only 2-3 seconds with the simple operation of placing finger on the fingerprint scanner on the lock. Compared to conventional mechanical locking, it is clear that the speed of opening is many times faster without the need to perform operations such as finding keys or locks.
Fingerprint locking has far greater benefits than conventional door lock, combination door lock, key lock or key lock. The fingerprint lock has security, speed and convenience advantages. Now, you do not have to worry about the keys when you go out, not worry about security issues when it is easy to remove fingerprints or add new ones.


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