Times Table Worksheets By Mr, Nishi Singh is Available in Amazon.com

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Time Table Worksheet, 6 September, 2017: Times Table Worksheets is a time table workbook written by Mr. Nishi Singh, who is a freelance medical writer. Nishi has graduated with BSc. Honours in Biochemistry from the University of West London (Brunel University), and he has also done MSc. in Molecular Pharmacology from the University of Manchester. He later preceded his study with PhD from Cardiff University and he got awarded by British Heart Foundation for his amazing performance as a post-doctor and he then continued researching in cell signalling after the PhD.

Mr. Nishi Singh has designed the Times Table Workbook in order to help kids to memorize time tables very easily. The workbook contained total 10 pages with time tables up to 12 along with practice sheets where the students can practice their time tables for better memorization. The kids just have to memorize the tables given in the book and then they can practice it in the times tables practice sheets which will help them to remember and understand the time tables properly.

The main motive of Mr. Nishi Singh behind creating this Times Table Worksheets is to make things easier for kids. When we are kids it becomes very troublesome for us to understand the time tables properly, but with the help of this book kids can memorize them easily one by one and test them in paper so that they never forget it again. The price for this times tables workbook is $5.68 and it can be purchased by everyone who want their kids to know the time tables as quickly as possible.

The Times Tables Workbook is available to buy in Amazon.com. For further information, visit: https://www.amazon.com/TIMES-TABLES-WORKBOOK-Tables-Multiplication/dp/1975875478/

About Company: Mr. Nishi Singh is a freelance writer who has specialized himself in several fields with degrees. The Times Tables Workbook is designed by Mr. Nishi Singh to help kids to memoraize time tables very easily & quickly.

Contact Details:
Author Name, Nishi Singh
Business/Company Name, NScientific
Local Address, Cardiff, Wales, UK
Phone Number, N/A
Company Mail id. wales123@gmail.com

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