Sophie Jones to Lead Next Retreat in Obama’s Resort Choice in Bali

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 11, September 2017: On Michelle and Barack Obama’s vacation Bali last month they visited the Arma Resort and Museum owned by art dealer, Agung Rai. This picturesque and authentic destination is set in the centre of the art and culture district of Ubud and is much frequented by politicians and everyday people alike.

It is also to be the new destination for Sophie Jones’ retreats who having left Costa Rica last year is now setting up in Bali for her coming events. Jones’s next retreats are under the brand name of Bali weight loss ( and being hosted at the luxury resort of Arma.

Obama having spent four years in Indonesia in his youth is said to “love the country and specifically Ubud in Bali”. On their family vacation they spent time white-water rafting and visiting the local Hindu and Buddhist temples on the island.

The former president and his family specifically seemed to enjoy their time at the Arma resort where many group photos were taken with Agung Rai, staff and family.

Sophie Jones is thrilled that the resort that she will be running her upcoming retreats in at the end of this year in 2017 seem to have gotten a thumbs up from Obama and she tells us, “it’s great that Obama came and seemed to really love the ambience and this special vibe that comes from the Arma resort.”

Sophie Jones’ retreats are set to start in December 2017 and Sophie adds, “Having Obama visit was really motivational and we all hope our upcoming retreat guests will love it here too!


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