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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 16, September 2017: A new online portal is providing a unique resource for anyone interested in the exciting world of cryptocurrency. Coin Joker - Discover The World Of Cryptocurrency has been set up and established to be the ultimate resource for newbie investors and those who want in-depth, often exclusive information in this particular industry.

The website shares everything from information on a new ICO to guest posts and news on fresh investments. With an eclectic range of different pieces of information, Coin Joker is poised to be the number one website for those interested and eager to learn more about Cryptocurrency.

The website aims to fill a gap in the cryptocurrency industry. Cryptocurrency is still a new idea on the market and has only been around for the last decade. As such, there are millions of people who have never heard of this type of investment. Or, who might stumble on it and be unsure of what exactly they are buying into? Coin Joker aims to help these individuals, providing key knowledge that is easy to understand and a tool that new investors can trust.

The website includes information on everything from ICOs to the blockchain revolution. With a news section part of this portal, Coin Joker is also able to provide fresh updates on the cryptocurrency world including potential hacks and dangers to investors. As such, it could be a vital portal for anyone who has already invested in an ICO or bought bitcoin tokens.

For seasoned investors, Coin Joker aims to be a key source of information to ensure that they make the right decisions, providing key articles before anyone else. Since the site is regularly updated, the portal always has a fresh insight on the state of the cryptocurrency market, including the best ICOs to invest in at any given time.

Coin Joker believes that cryptocurrency is a fantastic opportunity for investors and allows new startups to escape severe financial regulations put in place by banks. However, for new investors, it is still a subject surrounded in mystery. Is it safe? How does it work? How do I invest? Coin Joker intends to use their new portal to answer all these questions and more, pulling back the veil on an industry that still operates behind the scenes.

Though Coin Joker is a fresh business on the market, they have already provided a vast array of information on the cryptocurrency market. Their website is regularly updated with fresh information on the most valuable cryptocurrencies at any given point. At this time, the website is still under construction with new areas of the portal being added that will further aid investors. In the future, Coin Joker will also provide useful tools for investors with links to key websites, conversion calculators, and investment opportunities all part of their new portal.

Anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies would certainly benefit from checking out this new portal. Alternatively, the company can be contacted directly with the information listed below. They can help anyone discover the new world of cryptocurrency.


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