Spirit Dental Releases New Full Coverage Dental Insurance Plan

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 16, September 2017: Spirit Dental has recently announced they have added a new Full Coverage Dental Insurance Plan that has an increasing maximum annual benefit. Also included in this plan are Spirit Dental’s increasing coverage levels. This new plan will allow customers to have a dental plan that not only gives them better coverage percentages every year for the first three years, but also gives them a higher annual benefit. This new full coverage dental plan has a cutting edge benefit design. Unlike most types of dental plans that have a low annual maximum benefit (typically $1000-1250 per year), this plans annual maximum benefit increases every year. Every year that you keep the plan the amount of coverage you have increases. The plan starts with an annual maximum benefit year 1 of $1200, increases in year 2 to $2500, and is $5000 from year 3 and beyond. This allows those people that need major dental services such as, crowns, root canals, extractions and even dental implants to have more and more dental coverage every year.

Another great benefit to this new Full Coverage Dental Insurance Plan from Spirit Dental is that the maximum annual benefit restarts every calendar year (restarts in January) as opposed to every plan year (restarts the first of the month after you have been on the plan for a year). This is great news for people who are enrolling in their full coverage dental insurance plan toward the end of the year.

The way this plan would work is this: Let's say you were buying your Full Coverage Dental Insurance Plan effective for November 1st, 2017. Starting on November first you would receive 25% coverage on major services with a $1,200 annual max. Because the benefit levels restart and increase every January, two months later on January 1st, 2018 this plan would have 50% coverage for major services with a $2,500 max annual benefit. Then a year later on January 1st, 2018 this plan would have 60% coverage for major services with a $5,000 max annual benefit! This means that with a minimum of 13 months on this Full Coverage Dental Insurance Plan you could be at year 3 benefits with 60% coverage for major services (including implants!) with an extremely high annual max of $5,000.

This Full Coverage Dental Insurance plan from Spirit Dental is a fantastic option for people who need a lot of major dental work done but don't want to wait a long time. This Full Coverage Dental Plan uses the Ameritas Network, which provides a nationwide dental network with more than 325,0000 access points and over 5.4 million customers.

This new Full Coverage Dental Insurance Plan can be purchased at www.dentalinsuranceshop.com or if you would like to speak with a licensed insurance agent you can contact the Dental Insurance Shop at 855-871-2242 or email us at info@dentalinsuranceshop.com.


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