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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Getting a new Specialty Leasing booking inquiry every 4 hours is the stuff that shopping center landlordsí dreams are made of. But this dream turned to reality recently for Westwood Financial when, after just 72 hours of going live on casuallease.com with a batch of their shopping centers, 19 booking inquiries were received. 17 of those booking requests were approved, the bookings were processed, initial rent payments were received - the rest is history.

Of course, itís not realistic to expect booking inquiries to flow in immediately every time after listing short term spaces on casuallease.com. However, what is clear is that landlords canít expect to get new and attractive booking inquiries unless their excess capacity is listed on an innovative website designed to introduce new short term operators to shopping centers, and to streamline the booking process. Thatís exactly what casuallease.com does and "excess capacity" can include a myriad of short term opportunities to generate ancillary income across retail, promotional and advertising spaces in centers of all sizes and descriptions.

Listing centers on the platform is not complicated. In fact, casuallease.com does almost all the work to prepare the listings and the team at casuallease.com will also, at no cost to the landlord, help identify suitable opportunities for short term lease. Whatís more there's no cost to list centers. casuallease.com only takes it's modest fee when an approved booking inquiry is processed and paid for. You donít see any downside because there is no downside.

So itís no surprise that, increasingly, more landlords are listing their shopping centers on casuallease.com's site in anticipation of increasing ancillary income, and at the same time positioning them to introduce new exciting retail and promotional concepts into their properties.

"In todayís challenging retail environment itís important that landlords promote experiential retail in their centers and introducing short term retailers and promoters into a shopping center is an effective way to achieve this outcome. casuallease.com is uniquely placed to match landlords with operators seeking suitable short term opportunities and to streamline the entire booking process.Ē adds Stephen Katz, Director of casuallease.com.

About Us
casuallease.com assists shopping center landlords increase their income by efficiently introducing short term Specialty Leasing operators as well as enabling these operators to easily find and make a rent offer on their ideal locations across the US.

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