The United States Government’s Kills its Own Citizens to Support Illegal Immigrants?

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 18, September 2017: Law enforcement authorities in the U.S. and the government reportedly support illegal immigrants, threatening the peaceful existence of hundreds of innocent Americans. Will President Donald J. Trump order the return of an illegal immigrant child or let innocent American die?

The U.S. Government is reportedly willing to let hundreds of innocent Americans be killed instead of returning one illegal immigrant child to his German father. This claim is buttressed by the fact that the letters and claims filed by German father of the illegal immigrant child, Stephan Schuermannseem to be meeting the deaf ears of the people at the helm of affairs.

Duke Sean Schuermann is the son of Stephan Schuermann and illegal alien Filipino mother Jubilie Anqui. Duke Sean has been wrongfully retained by his mother in the U.S. since December 2014, with support from her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick and five lawless judges.

The names of these criminal, lawless and corrupt judges are: judge Marry Koch Polson, judge Michael A. Flowers, judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, judge Terrence Ketchel, (Okaloosa County Court, Florida). In addition, there is mentally disturbed judge Richard McKelvie (Utah Court) who all have dubiously supported Jubilie Anqui and her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick who works at, consequently aiding and abetting the harboring of two illegal immigrants.

Jubilie Anqui’s boyfriend currently harbors two illegal immigrants – Jubilie Anquii and her son, Duke Sean Schuermann. This act constitutes danger not only to Duke Sean, but to their immediate community and the country at large.

The evil act perpetrated by this syndicate also jeopardizes the future of Duke Sean, as he is being deprived of the liberty and freedom to travel to his country of citizenship, Germany. An outright U.N. Human Rights Violation initiated by these 5 lawless judges at large.

While some quarters have attributed the works of Jubilie Anquii and her criminal support group to the inefficiency of the legal system, others have accused the US government of negligence. It can be concluded that both parties and conclusions are right as not only did Stephan take the matter to court of competent jurisdiction without any result, but he also wrote countless letters to different authorities, including the office of the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

Persons like Jubilie Anquii need to be brought to book as soon as possible if the United States of America is to be safe for its citizens and other residents.

The question remains: How many innocent Americans will these 5 corrupt judges let die before returning an illegal immigrant child to his father? Will President Donald J. Trump step in to avoid a human disaster and return Sean to his Daddy?

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