Blessings from Airwheel Intelligent Electric Folding Bikes

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Airwheel has suggested many spectacular gifts for different festivals of the whole year. Parents and grandparents hope to send a special and useful gift to their lovely children. How about giving kids a marsrover e bike of Airwheel? You’ll see after reading this article.

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Any kind of festival approaching, the kid will be eager to get presents from elder members of his or her family. At this time, parents or grandparents need to make good preparation and carefully select among dazzling presents. Here Airwheel kindly suggests its Mars rover smart e bikes being regarded as a great gift.

Blessing from Airwheel E6

E6 smart e bike blesses all the children having a safe and pleasant traveling when they come home from school. Small in size, light in weight and collapsible, the E6 folding e bike can be driven without spending too much strength. Even children can lift it upstairs or downstairs after E6 is being completely folded.

Blessing from Airwheel E3

E3 backpack electric folding bike wishes cute and naughty children to be happy in this Christmas and every day in the future. Shown like a double “O”, E3 intelligent e bike is really interesting. It is a big attraction for children who are full of curiosity. Also driven by electricity, E3 can be folded into a specially customized backpack. When family members plan to have a journey during Christmas holiday, taking this e bike will be a wise choice.

Blessing from Airwheel R series of electric moped bikes

R series of citizen e-bike blesses each child well with four different modes—R5, R3, R6 and R8. R6 is known for the automatic folding system and R8 for the excellent traffic ability in outdoor. Owning three ride modes, Airwheel electric assist bike can be used in many occasions and suitable for all age users. So there is no exception for children. Under manpower ride mode, they can cycle it like a cycling, traditional bike for seeking the initial pleasure; under electric-only ride mode, they can smoothly pass through each road without spending forth; children can also ride under the electric assisted ride mode for getting the most comfortable condition by adjusting the gear level.


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