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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Toys and Games are not just a great way to keep the kids occupied but also those which help kids build their skills such as thinking, cognitive skills and concentration skills. And that is why it is important to introduce toys and games to kids at a very early age. Today, in this digital world, many kids are getting addicted to the gadgets. They either spend time watching videos or playing online games all by themselves. This hampers their ability to mingle with the other kids or adults. As a result they will not be able to communicate well and improve their social skills. This is one of the main reasons parents should invest in toys and games. At, one can find all kinds of toys according to age groups.

Toys for Babies – Stacking toys, musical toys, rattles, baby phones, dancing toys, learning walkers, stroller toys, plush toys, activity gyms, blocks, etc. are some of the toys available for this age group. The toys are made up of BPA-free, high quality and durable materials for the safety of the kids.

Toys for Toddlers – Toddlers are supposed to be the most active of all age groups - exploring and investigating all the time. And hence they have age specific toys such as pretend play toys, ride-ons, rhymes toys, etc. that improve the sensory, thinking and fine motor skills.

Toys for Young Kids (2-5) – These toys are basically designed to keep them active and engaged. There are toys which will provide kids hours of healthy engagement and entertainment. Customers can shop by age, brands, themes, activities or by gender.

Toys for Schoolers (5-10) – By now kids will have favorites in just about everything. Their favorite cartoon characters, dolls or even action figures. There are imaginative toys which will help kids build stories and interact with other kids. Bikes, ride-ons, walkit-talkies, play doh, board games, blocks, legos, video games, etc. can be found here which basically inculcate a healthy competitive spirit amongst the kids.

Toys for Older Kids (10-14) – Kids at this age are much more attentive and have a talent of their own. Be it an art enthusiast or a sports enthusiast, there are different kinds of games available here.

Toys for the Rest (14 and above) – There is no age barrier for having a favorite toy or game. And hence the site offers a wide range of toys for kids and above. PlayStation games, action figurines, drones, super cars and many more can be found here.
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Young Old Toys Alike, is a company that offers a wide range of toys and games for all age groups.


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