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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 27th September 2017 – offers some of the most famous, rare, exceptional and collectible vinyl records for music lovers. They are available in a variety of genres such as blues, classical, latin, funk, soul, folk, electronic, country, hip hop, jazz, pop, reggae, rock and so on. There is something different, unique and nostalgic about vinyl. Today, irrespective of having the most advanced music systems and home theatres, many music lovers still love their favorite music on vinyl records. And that is why most of the new albums are now recorded on vinyl. It is the texture of the music that attracts the most. The sound is deep, soothing, rich and perfectly nuanced giving the listeners a feeling of being live in the recording studio with the recording artist himself. is an exclusive vinyl store for vinyl lovers. The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions vinyl, is the old classical music. One has to experience that feeling when listening to a favorite album or a favorite artist. The store offers most of the classical collection in all genres. And it also offers the upcoming albums recorded on vinyl. Whatever the genre preference may be, vinyl lovers will find it all right here. From soundtracks to rap, country to gospel, hip hop to Latin, name it and they have it all. And for those who are looking at increasing their music collection there is no place else that they want to be than here.

The store has all types of vinyl here – vintage, mint, new and remastered records. So, one can show off their vinyl collection when hosting a party the coming festive season. One can discover those classic oldies as well as the latest newbies in this store. Customers might want to check out the symphony and the very authentic concerto albums as well. Be it the fans of Pink Floyd, Beatles or Elvis Presley, this is a place for all. It is just a few clicks away to own a favorite vinyl record. So, don’t wait anymore, make some room for those vintage collectibles in the music collection today.

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Crazy for Vinyl, is a site that offers exclusive vinyl records. The records are available in a variety of genres from pop to reggae, rock to hip hop, blues to classical, jazz to soul and more.

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