Free Music on Spotify Courtesy of Young Dread and new album "Porch Monkey"

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - ‎Exciting news for music lovers and more particularly, those who closely follow Young Dread and his music. Young Dread takes pride in saying that he has released his new album that has been christened as “Porch Monkey.” He adds that thanks to his courtesy, the album is available free of cost on Spotify.

Young Dread justifiably feels proud in adding that he has recorded and released 30 songs in the last 30 days. Thanks to the controversial but exciting and interesting songs he has been bringing out, he has garnered the interest of a multitude of listeners and music lovers all over the world. Apart from Spotify, his new album “Porch Monkey” will be made available on iTunes, and Tidal as well, he adds.

Young Dread is not just popular in the US alone. He is one of the most followed musicians in the whole world. The Geechee Island-born musician is loved by music lovers of all nationalities and races. People, both young and old, follow his music with interest and excitement. No other musician is searched on the Net as his name is searched. In other words, his popularity and fan base have been growing at a very rapid pace.

Young Dread is of the firm opinion that his new album ”Porch Monkey” will also become highly popular as his earlier albums.

About the New Album Released by Young Dread

Young Dread, one of the most popular artists who is followed by millions of music lovers from all over the world, has released his new album ”Porch Monkey.” The album will be available free of cost on Spotify. It will be made available on iTunes, and Tidal as well.

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