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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 2nd October 2017 – is a place for all kitty lovers. Bringing a kitten home is a real joy not just for the kids but for adults too. Cats are considered to be very lethargic as they tend to sleep for more than 15 hours in a day. But when they are not sleeping they are absolutely cute and fun to play with. In order to keep the cat healthy, strong and active, pet owners can provide them with proper diet, grooming tools, toys, medications, vitamins, etc. Here are some of the cat supplies offered by the site:

Cat Beds – Cats like to sleep a lot and it gets only better with a proper bed or couch exclusively made for them. And they like to sleep in areas which are round or oval in shape. The site offers a wide range of beds in different shapes, sizes and cozy fleece materials.

Grooming Tools – Every cat is different and so is their nature of shedding the fur. Some cats shed it only twice a year, while others all throughout the year. It depends on the climate, food and their grooming regime. The site offers a wide range of grooming tools such as brushes, shampoos; etc. to keep their fur healthy.

Cat Feeders – Cats like both dry and wet food. Although it is their personal taste or preference, it is always better to keep separate feeders for wet and dry food. Cat owners can find a wide range of colorful feeders to help their cats finish their meals happily.

Cat Toys – The site offers a plethora of toys and play things for the cats. These toys keep the kitties occupied and spend more time being active and playful. Laser light toys, mouse toys, bird shaped toys, feathered toys, climbing toys, cat trees, scratching posts, cat homes, cat furniture, etc. can all be found here.

Accessories – Cat leashes are a must especially when pet owners want to control their pets during walks. There are beautiful collars which also come with identification tags in case the cats need to get out of their homes. And then there are litter boxes which come in different styles – clumping, non-clumping and automatic.

To place an order for cat leashes, cat beds, cat feeders, cat toys and more visit


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