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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - GDMMA.Com is pleased to offer exclusive boxing accessories for all boxing professionals and enthusiasts. The MMA box gloves are the bestsellers here and are available in a variety of macho prints. These boxer gloves can also be used for MMA, Muay Thai and kickboxing sports as well. And then there are these sand boxing gloves or knuckle gloves that are perfect for taekwondo, sandbags, MMA, etc. These gloves are sturdy and comfortable with a professional design and offer ultimate protection for hands and knuckles.

The Mat shoes need a special mention here. Available for both men and women, these shoes are made up of high quality sturdy design rubber with a five finger shape in the front. These shoes are also available in a nice range of colors and patterns. The outer air mesh layer ensures that the feet are well aerated. These shoes can be worn for casual gym workouts, hiking or casual walking. The main features of these shoes are that of anti-skid and inner sole massaging. They are the best substitute for those luxury sneakers.
What’s a workout without the right dressing? The store offers exclusive workout t-shirts in both short sleeves and long sleeves. These tight t-shirts made up of lycra, polyester, spandex and are perfect for weight lifting, MMA workouts, gym workouts, etc. The high quality material keeps the skin away from rashes. The t-shirts are also available in a lot of interesting patterns, shades and color combinations.

Customers can also check out the store for exclusive Muay Thai shorts and tights. These shorts are perfect for any type of combat – boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, etc. They are made up of high quality polyester and are breathable and comfortable to wear. The store also offers a variety of boxing accessories such as the martial arts nunchucks for Kung Fu; wooden dummy sets for wushu exercise; cotton sports straps for boxing or MMA; hand wrist bands; AbMats for abdominal exercises; kinesiology tapes; and many more. So, for all those boxing and MMA professionals and enthusiasts, the store offers an excellent range of products to perfect their sport.

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GDMMA.Com, is an online store that offers exclusive boxing gear such as boxing gloves, shoes, tops, mats and other boxing accessories.





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