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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - I know that mobile phone interference with radio transmitters interferes with phone calls. According to the strength of the interference waves, when the interference waves are issued, the position of the car is moving, including near other vehicles. If the receiving antenna of mobile phone and smart phone tag is not in service area, can be judged as without radio interference. GPS high power jammer generate weak radio GPS in GPS frequency bands (1,575 MHz), navigation and mobile phones.


In the development of infrared waterproof camera, video interference plays an irreplaceable role because the transmission infrared camera transmission system architecture is simple, the infrared smart ball needs to be online and the transmission distance is not too far.Video interference plays an irreplaceable role in the development of eavesdropping detector.The structure of the infrared camera transmission system is simple, but the transmission distance is not too far. The infrared smart ball must be in the transmission characteristics of the required cable. Only video coaxial cable transmission is appreciated for sending the TV signal.


The GPS of portable jammer is widely used in modern systems such as infrared waterproof camera, high stability, simple equipment and convenient wiring, which can be used in this transmission. However, the high bandwidth of the cable and the low frequency of the actual signal transmission cable, the result is that the difference between the amplitude and the phase between the low frequency and the high frequency is huge, especially the phase distortion, which is easy to use and difficult to compensate the circuit. Baseband transmission frequency parts are susceptible to electromagnetic interference sources tower, base station, motor and inverter.




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