Nightmare on 13th Opens Up For 2017 Season

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - One of the longest running haunted attractions, the Nightmare on 13th Opens up for the 2017 Season. The house of terror promises great things with haunting attraction enthusiasts being informed to prepare for a huge and scary experience this season. The freak show is set to feature an integrated teamwork of animated robots as well as an army of live actors who will be following, harassing and chasing the revelers through the most terrifying fantasies.

With its new haunted courtyard, the Utah haunted house gives the visitors a scary and frightening experience. The courtyard has large structures of scary animals and ghosts, giving visitors the nightmare they are looking for. The organizers promise visitors big and exciting scary events, they are calling it bigger and better following the recent improvements which aim to make America’s longest standing haunted attraction not just the talk of the year but a memorable event that will give the visitors value for their money and an experience like no other .

Located at 300 West and 1300 South, the Nightmare on 13th covers a 3,300 m2 warehouse. It occupies a former car dealership. The Nightmare on 13th is rated as one of the largest in terms of size as well as the longest running haunting destinations in America. It has been running for close to twenty-eight years now, having first opened its doors in 1990 by Troy Barber and Mike Henrie. At this time it was operating under a different name, “The Institute of Terror” but in 1990 after the nine eleven terror attraction years it changed its name to The Nightmare on 13th. The haunted attraction has grown tremendously and has attracted more than sixty thousand people each season. This year the organizers are hoping to attract the same figure, with actual projections being higher than this due to its growth in popularity.

Being a seasonal haunted house, it opens its doors every September through October but the creators normally work throughout the year to keep the haunted attraction fresh. The house prides itself as the only haunted attraction which has a fully animated theater show where revelers can watch while they wait in line for the real haunted shows. Inside there are more than forty-five different rooms where individuals can travel for a period of roughly forty-five minutes.

The Salt Lake Haunted house has won several awards and recognitions, in 2009 and 2010 it was featured on the Travel Channel and in 2009 it was the cover of the Haunted Attraction Magazine. Over the years it has continued to receive great awards and accolades rating it as the most active haunted attraction in Utah and United States of America at large. This recognition is attributed to the size of the haunted house as well its ability to attract huge numbers every year. The fact that it has been running for such a long period makes it popular with people who are looking for a real haunted experience.

Visitors recognize Nightmare on 13th as one of the most thrilling and entertaining places to be. The phenomenally well run establishment is known for its capacity and ability to give the visitors a unique experience. The organizers say that this season will be no different, they are prepared to offer the best and keep the visitors wanting for more. “Come and scream your heart out with some of the scariest moment in our haunted house, we promise to deliver an experience like no other before, we’ll be there to ensure that every moment spent in our haunted house is worth your time and money,” said the Nightmare on 13th spokesperson.

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