God gifted cyber brain becomes youtuber to increase technical knowledge of common man

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Sunny Nehra , a 24 aged guy is well known for his coding and ethical hacking skills. Though there have been several controversies regarding the word "ethical" for hacking conducted by Sunny Nehra still he has several fans who keep waiting eagerly for his new videos. He runs a channel named "Hacks and Security" which shows outstanding videos and mainly focuses on clearing doubts of his followers related to technology. He has several blind followers and there are in fact endless guys who consider him GOD of internet world.

Nehra has been involved in several illegal hacking attacks which include breaching security of banks , huge shopping websites , websites meant for beauty contests of young girls, websites whose databases could be used for promotion , massive hacking of email accounts and a lot more. It is an interesting fact that though nehra has been accused of several illegal hackings he is not convicted of any of them so far means not proved guitly of any of them by judiciary so far. The interesting fact is that Nehra has always been reporting the security issues he got with websites.

He has reported security loopholes to several banks , e commerce websites. A bangalore based gift cards selling company claimed an FIR against sunny nehra despite of the fact that he tried to help them out. Nehra mailed the company regarding the security loophole they had which led anyone to get access to the sms being sent to customers of the company. Even the gift cards of the company were being sent via sms. Nehra had gained complete access of the database of the website and despite of misusing it he reported it but luck did not favour him.

Another group of hackers had hacked the website few months back and would filter out the gift cards being sent to its customers. As soon as nehra reported to the website and helped them to cover the security issue the gift cards that were already downloaded by other hackers started getting misused.

The company found itself clueless regarding the fraud it was facing and they went to a conclusion that nehra would have sold the vouchers before reporting to them. Nehra had already told company to re issue the vouchers that were sold as he knew it well such security issues ( LFD : local file disclosure) could have been detected by other hackers too but the company did not bother to reissue the cards.

Later nehra was not found guilty of the case and the actual victims were traced down by delhi police. Nehra has been one of most active members of several leading websites on dark web as well as other leading forums related to computers , technology etc. He is also among top answers on many top forums. The main reason that leads to his controversies is that he is bound so much to the world of internet , he discusses all kinds of topics with both black as well as white hats, he spends most of his time in surfing , discussing and learning which has led to his combining with so many different types of cyber brains. He is considered the centre of white and black hats on several forums and in field of payment sections he is usually the top and best answerer on forums.

Some of his followers claim that "Hacks And Security" is not meant for earning from youtube and nehra never charged for helping someone. Its rare that his videos are seen monetized , most of times he keeps videos as non monetized. In fact nehra also reported security issues to one of australia's leading bank and later same vulnerability was found in most of leading banks there. Nehra is well known for his social service works and helping companies and tech aspirants without charging them anything in return.

Nehra lost many youtube channels because of showing practical demonstrations of high level hacking methods after demand from his subscribers. He claims that Hacks And Security will be meant to teach common man about the depth of technologies that will concern them in common life. The channel also aims at teaching his followers how online frauds occur and how they can be handled. Its such a nice thing to know that such persons who have so much abilities and can do so much other stuff are coming forward and giving up their costly time to improve the technical level of common man.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.facebook.com/sunnynehra1


Contact Info:

Website: https://www.facebook.com/sunnynehra1

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