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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The NFL has asked for a dismissal of a grievance filed by the NFLPA which claims NFL teams conspire to violate the collective bargaining agreement in their dispensing of prescription painkillers.The league responded Monday to the grievance filed on April 28 and asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco for a dismissal of the union's claim.

The NFLPA filed the 11-page grievance on behalf of a lawsuit brought on by Bears Hall of Fame defensive end Richard Dent. The union included "numerous admissions by club medical personnel of violating state and federal law." Statements and testimonies from medical staff members of the Bills, Steelers and Cowboys admitting they did not inform players the warnings and risks of taking certain medications.

The grievance also mentions 2010 DEA investigations of the Chargers and Saints after one Chargers player had over 100 doses of Vicodin in his possession and the theft of controlled substances from the Saints facility."The NFL's knowledge and facilitation of CBA non-compliance by medical personnel violates its duty to ensure best efforts by its member clubs to comply with CBA terms and conditions," the grievance states before saying the league "had on-going knowledge of violations through involvement with the NFL Physicians Society."

Patriots' Robert Kraft: Deflategate happened because of 'envy and jealousy' Gabrielle McMillen The grievance specifcally mentions team doctors for the Steelers, Rams and 49ers, as well as commissioner Roger Goodell in failing to ensure the "conditions of the CBA are carried out in full."

"The NFL was clearly cognizant of on-going legal and ethical violations by medical personnel relating to the prescription, dispensing and transportation of painkillers to players, yet the NFL has taken no disciplinary action against Clubs and/or medical personnel who committed, and presumably still commit, such violations," the grievance states.

"Having recently punished the New England Patriots to the tune of forfeiting first- and fourth-round draft picks plus a $1 million fine for alleged conduct relating to taking a tiny amount of air out of footballs, it is incomprehensible that the League has taken no action whatsoever against Clubs to redress and incentivize compliance with their Article 39 obligations towards the health and safety of NFL players." Nate Burleson joins 'The NFL Today' in great hire for CBS Sports' pregame show | NFL | Sporting News.

Nate Burleson won't be the biggest name in the remixed cast of "The NFL Today," CBS Sports' long-running pregame studio show.But he already might be the best analyst.Burleson, formerly a co-host of NFL Network's "Good Morning Football," is the final new cast member in the latest shake-up for the show. CBS Sports also moved Phill Simms from its top.

NFL play-by-play team after it hired retired quarterback Tony Romo to be the new color commentator alongside Jim Nantz.MORE: Will Romo fumble on CBS?Tony Gonzalez, who spent three seasons on the "The NFL Today" after he replaced Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe, isn't returning for 2017.

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