How to Start a Successful Blog in 2018

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - How to start a successful blog. This is a blogging time! Yeah, really Iím saying this is the time of blogging. You may find numerous person who take blogging as a career. Even in some cases, some of them do blogging leaving Government job. There are some reasons for this. These reasons will be shared here in below. And lastly, the right way will be seen to start a successful blog in the new year 2018.
A blog which is earning revenue monthly like a govt. job can be addressed as a successful blog. Numerous ways to make money using a search engine ranked blog. So the first is that you have to create a blog that can be ranked. That means, your blog must have visitors to make it successful.
How to become a blogger, it is an important question for the newbies! To be a successful blogger you just have to confident and hard working. But this is not for a long process. You just started making money from your blog, then youíll be hard working blogger automatically. So stay with the work avoiding idleness before the starting period.
Letís move on the topic how to start a successful blog.

To start a successful blog, it is very mandatory task to select a valuable topic you want to write which about in the blog. Numerous topics to write. Here are some in below. Pick one and start blogging.

Choose your platform from below one.

Choose your blog name and hosting space and buy it. WordPress shared hosting is so cheap as you need. There are many hosting providers. Some of these are in below.

Setup the necessary settings shown in below and start writing on the blog.

Do SEO for your blog to rank in Google. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Click on the below link to get full SEO guide and rank your blog.

To see all the steps click on >>

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