Cheap Jersey Co Expands Selection of Wholesale Sports Jerseys

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Cheap Jersey Co announces a new wholesale provider warehouse with an extended product line including the best wholesale sports jerseys in the U.S.

According to owner Mike Jersey, who has been in the wholesale sports jerseys business for over 10 years, "I was very reluctant to launch this warehouse but soon realized that this was what a lot of my buyers wanted from a reputable wholesale business."

PR Newswire reports that Cheap Jersey Co now has the best selection of 99 cent store items in the United States and offers wholesale sports merchandise closeouts and products for dollar stores.

Said Robert Wilson of PR Newswire, "Just when you thought that action was big, Cheap Jersey Co pulled out all the stops and released another huge warehouse with over 4,000 products which is now one of the #1 stores in sports apparel. Men, women and kids can get Pro football gear: the latest, officially newest 2017 to 2018 American football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer goods—even apparel, clothing, football uniforms, jerseys, New Era hats and other products for fans of main sports teams. Congratulations, Cheap Jersey Co, on a job well done."

" Cheap Jersey Co now tops the best in quality and is the number one stop shop on the web right now," added Wilson.

Selections and wholesale sports jerseys can be purchased at

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