New English version of the tourism website and travel photos

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The web page, created in 2007, offers interesting tourist articles, photo galleries and videos from different areas of the world of the five continents. Within the web we can find reports of places as emblematic as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Paris, Porto, Lisbon, Vienna, London, Lourdes, Loire Valley, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Acapulco, New York, Kenia, Kuala Lumpur or Moscow. was born ten years ago in the city of Madrid, birthplace of the creator of the web. During these ten years the web has been available in Spanish language and now for two weeks is available in English version, Travel Photos. The purpose of creating an English version is due to the large number of visits it receives and a demand made by many users from more than 50 countries that visit the web. It is true that modern day browsers offer automatic translation plugins in a multitude of languages, but we think as a better option to create the web in the language of William Shakespeare manually.

The web has been evolving as technologies have advanced over the years. Two years ago the web was redesigned to make it totally responsive and thus to improve the users' experience through the various devices, whether desktop or laptop computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

As explained by José Manuel, administrator, the profile of people who visit the page are people who are looking for information about different tourist destinations around the world, who are looking for information related to leisure, museums, monuments, places of interest, events cultural and sports, airports, weather and photographs of the different geographical areas.

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