“Inherited Worth”, Realizing the True God-Gifted Potential

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Check Out the Latest Vlogs by Egypt Tiana on Empowerment, Inner Worth and More

DALLAS, TEXAS – 31st October 2017 – Egypt Tiana is pleased to present her vlogs in “Inherited Worth”, a religious site and a place where people can realize their true worth, that which is given by God himself. Every individual is special and God has created that individual that way. One has to explore that inner worth to stay happy, blessed and to achieve new heights. Many people do not know their own worth. They are just living the life as it comes and they live for people around them rather than for themselves. “You cannot live your life for people. Live for God and He’ll give you the confidence to be your authentic self #unapologetically”.

Egypt released her first vlog “Exposed” where she highlights the importance of identifying one’s own faults instead of being judgmental or hypocritical towards others. It is a fact and human nature that most people tend to judge the situations or people and there are very few who do not. Philippians 3:12 “I don’t mean to say that I have already achieved these things or that I have already reached perfection. But I press on to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus possessed me”. Everyone does mistakes but the greatness lies in realizing those mistakes, apologizing and making it up for that mistake. Egypt went on to create different videos which is a new way to help people connect to God.

There is this very thought provoking vlog of understanding the people around. There are many people who are surrounded by others with ill-intentions and hold them back from prospering or making the right choice or decision. So, it is better to understand such people and differentiate them from good people. This way one can work on their thoughts and be accountable for the same. And then there is the latest vlog uploaded on the site about abusive relationship. As much as it is a crime to abuse others it is also a crime to bear the same. It is a hard-hitting fact but one has to get their strength together to fight any kind of abuse. The other interesting activity is Cash Prize Wednesday, a contest run by Egypt for the viewers. People who watch the video need to follow the instructions as mentioned and win a $100 cash prize. The contest is scheduled once a month by Inherited Worth.

To check out the very latest vlog “My Abusive Relationship/ Cash Prize Wednesday Announcement” visit https://inheritedworth.com/smoking/

About https://inheritedworth.com/

Inherited Worth, https://inheritedworth.com/ is a religious site started by Egypt Tiana Green, a Christian Entrepreneur. The site was started with an aim to help people recognize the true potential that is given by God and its worth.


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