Magoshare Releases AweEraser for Mac to Help Mac Users Permanently Erase Private Data

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - How to permanently erase data from Mac computer or storage media device? Magoshare, the reliable Mac utility developer, releases powerful Mac data erasure software – AweEraser for Mac 2.0 to help Mac users permanently delete files, erase hard drive or destroy already deleted data on SSD, HDD, USB flash drive, memory card, etc.

When Mac user delete a file on Mac, the file is not permanently deleted even the trash bin is emptied. Mac data recovery software can easily recover deleted or formatted files from Mac hard drive or external device. However, in some cases, the data on the Mac hard drive should be permanently erased. For instance, before the Mac computer is resold, the private data on the hard drive should be permanently erased.

AweEraser for Mac 2.0 is designed for permanently erasing data from hard drive or external device with military & government level data erasure standards. Once the data is erased by AweEraser for Mac 2.0, it will be permanently lost. The disk space of the erased data will be overwritten by zero. No data recovery software can recover the erased data.

Three Flexible Data Erasure Tools

AweEraser for Mac 2.0 offers three data erasure options.

Option 1: shred files on Mac

This option allows Mac users to selectively and permanently erase files/folders from Mac, hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, etc.

Option 2: erase hard drive

This option can help Mac users to erase hard drive or storage media to destroy all data on the targeted media.

Option 3: erase free disk space

Erase the free disk space to erase already deleted/formatted data on the Mac hard drive without affecting the existing data.

With the flexible data erasure options, Mac users can permanently erase data under different situations. AweEraser for Mac 2.0 also offers another two tools. It can help Mac users to delete browser’s histories, cookies, caches, password information, etc. And it also offers uninstaller tool to help in uninstalling applications and cleaning up all associated files.

Download Magoshare AweEraser for Mac 2.0:

AweEraser for Mac 2.0:

About Magoshare:

Magoshare is a famous data recovery software & system utility developer. Magoshare offers reliable Mac cleaning software, data eraser, uninstaller and data recovery software for global Mac and Windows users. To get more information, please visit

Contact person: Frank Hu
Company: Magoshare
Address: Shenzhen, Guandong, China

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