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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Exeter, United Kingdom – Exeter Consulting Forum ( ECF ) wants to help your business! The Forum was established in order to harness the diversity of people’s skills more effectively in a world that is becoming increasingly complex. In our more complex world a diversity of ideas can provide the cutting edge in terms of competitive advantage.

The Forum recognizes that it can be difficult for smaller businesses to find help given a relatively modest cash flow. Businesses only want to do things that pay their way. In addition, businesses do not want services to be sold to continually. Businesses would rather engage in a constructive dialogue in a no pressure environment to explore mutually beneficial opportunities.

In the light of this, Members of the Forum have committed to deliver their services on a performance basis to the extent possible, and not to sell to clients at meetings of the Forum, except on request. The Forum itself may send information about its facilitation work and Members’ skills to businesses for their interest.

More information on Exeter Consulting Forum, and details of how it can be contacted, can be seen at

Media Contact:
Andrew Gorton
Company: Exeter Consulting Forum
Phone: 07590 267429

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