Dr.Abhay Agrawal’s Diabetes Surgery Lecture At Jaipur National Conference of Laparoscopic Surgeons Received Wonderful Reaction

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Dr. Abhay Agrawal, 8 November, 2017: Dr. Abhay Agrawal, the world-class bariatric surgeon of India, has attended a very important conference at Jaipur National Conference ofLaparoscopicSurgeons last weekend. In this conference the laparoscopic surgeryexpert has talked in depth about Ileal Transposition Surgery, an amazing treatment for Type 2 Diabetes.

In the conference, Dr. Agrawal has talked about why he prefers Ileal Transposition Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes treatment, the beneficial sides of this surgery and other related things, and not to mention the lecture at the conference was very well-delivered by Dr.Agrawal.

Apart from Dr. Abhay Agrawal there were many other expert surgeons was present in the conferenceat Jaipur National Conference ofLaparoscopic Surgeonsfrom different places of India. In his speech about Type 2 Diabetes, the laparoscopic surgery professional hascovered a lot of important things where he talked about how this surgery is suitable for both obese and no obese patients, and how this surgery can permanently resolve the diabetes problem from the patients.

According to the expert bariatric surgery professionalof Centre for Obesity Control, the Ileal Transposition Surgery is a life changing surgery for Type 2 Diabetes as it alters how food is digested in patients, it improves metabolism and brings the sugar level in normal position permanently without any help of insulin injections or tablets.

Dr. Abhay Agrawal has also mentioned that this surgery gives very immediate result and there are many cases wherepatients have obtained normal glucose level even before getting discharged from hospital. His speech received great recognition from the surgeons and this whole conference went very well at the National Conference ofLaparoscopic Surgeons at Jaipur.

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