Earn Points for being part of the TomAndDon community and earn BIG rewards!

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The more points you have the BIGGER the rewards

With TomAndDon you earn points just for VIEWING our fun posts!
With TomAndDon you earn points just for LIKING our fun posts!
With TomAndDon you earn points just for SHARING our fun posts!
With TomAndDon you earn BIG points for ADDING your own fun posts!

We are building a community here at TomAndDon. A community of fun people that love to share their own fun images, gifs and memes.

A community that is rewarded for helping to grow our community, plus the bigger our community the more we donate of our profits to worthy causes like Camp Quality which helps children and their families living with cancer!

Rewards -

We reward our members by giving them points for lots of different actions that they perform on our website, from viewing our posts to adding their own posts.

You can see all the ways that you can earn points plus the current Leaderboard on the 'Your Points' page -  https://tomanddon.com/earn-points/


We are building the rewards program right now, but you can start earning points right now and give yourself a great head-start for when we start releasing the rewards.

All you need to do is visit us daily, view, like and share our fun posts plus for the BIG points you can add your own fun posts via the Upload page on the top menu or sidebar.

Good luck and keep an eye out for our updates and the great prizes that you can win and start earning points right now!

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