The most well known tourist attractions of Barcelona

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - A brief introduction
One of the biggest Barcelona points of interest is the Temple of Augustus. The temple was built was Barcelona was part of the Roman colony known as Barcino. It was built at approximately 1st century BCE (Before Common Era). It had been devoted to the Imperial Cult at the time of its construction. It was located at the axis of an area known as Forum. This was basically an arcaded square that included all the major public buildings of the city at that time. Incidentally, these buildings together were part of a cluster.
More points of interest
Apart from the church this square also included the bar that served as the meeting place for the municipal senate that was also known as Ordo Decurionum. It also included a market where all the goods from different parts of the Mediterranean were sold. The temple overlooks the city. It rises on a podium and you can access it with the help of a staircase. At the time of its construction, it was supposed to be the highest point of a small hill. It was known as Mons Taber and this was also the hill on which Barcino had been built. What remains of the temple is now located within a building that has four columns as well as a fluted shaft built in Corinthian style. The podium had an architrave as well.
Gaudi architecture
Barcelona is well known as a destination for art lovers considering its rich history and tradition in that particular department. The most notable example among them would be Gaudi architecture that is an integral part of the Modernist artistic traditions of this city. The most famous among the masterpieces built by Gaudi are Parc Guell, Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera or Casa Mila, and La Casa Batllo. Parc Guell is located at Gracia and as of 2017, it happens to be unfinished.
The rest are located in Eixample. La Pedrera or Casa Mila, and La Casa Batllo happen to be houses. There are some other works of Gaudi that you can visit such as Palau Guell, Torre Bellesguard, and Casa Vicens. The last among them is supposed to start during autumn 2017. You can also visit The Ruta del Modernisme that is operated by the Modernisme Centre. The discount voucher book and guidebook for this are worth only 12 euros and it would help you get a proper tour of the finest art nouveau buildings in this city.
In the end
You can cover the best part of this route in just about an hour on foot. However, for that, you should stick to the main route as much as may be possible. You can also avail a package from the Tourist Office whereby you would get tickets on discount to the major tourist attractions such as La Casa Batllo and La Pedrera. You can also see them from the outside and you would not need to pay any money for that. If you wish to venture outside Barcelona to see similar works of art you can visit Cripta Guell and the Artigas Gardens. More Detail.

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