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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - We are excited to launch Close Beta of Iron Sky on Friday Nov 17, 2017 at CDT 00:00am. During Close Beta, any amount of Top up will rebate in Open Beta. Event details will be announced as soon as possible, at least 120% rebate is guaranteed. Please note that after the CB ends, all data on the CB server will be cleared.
Let me briefly introduce the game! Iron Sky is an epic sci-fi strategy game. Set in an immense world with stunning laser and gigantic mechs, players join a faction to set up their colonies and battle the other for resources and control. Whether you are a science fiction fan, mechs battle lover or a strategy game enthusiast,Iron Sky is definitely the perfect choice.
1. Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter is a daily server-wide event. Participants should deal as much damage as possible to the Boss. Players ranked in DPS rankings can receive Rewards and the one to deal the final blow to the Boss can obtain Final Blow Rewards. Aid Permit can be used during event to enhance troops’ attack temporarily.

Bounty Hunter -Iron Sky

2. Mine Plunderer
Mine Plunderer is a resource event available at set time. Players can occupy mines from other fractions. Mines can produce resources during your occupation.
There are normal mines and advanced mines and the latter provides more resources.
When players occupies mines, they will receive resources and points every minute. At the end of event, the fraction that achieves more points become the winner and its players can receive the Winners rewards in addition to the resources obtained for occupying mines.

Mine Plunderer - Iron Sky

3. Trials
Trials is the main source for crew shards. Every chapter contains 5 stages. When you complete the last stage, you can wipe-out this chapter.

Trials - iron sky

CBT begins, if you have a facebook account, you can click
If not ,you can visit official site
Commander, the war will start in Iron Sky! Come join us now!

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