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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - There are different thoughts about the boarding schools but the truth is something different. There are many benefits of putting your kids in these schools and parents are realizing this thing slowly. The main benefit of these places is that they focus on all over development of your kids that is not possible in any other education center. They involve students not only in their studies but also get students in extracurricular activities. We are the best boarding schools in India providing the best in class schooling environment to the students.

If you are confused about choosing a public school and a boarding school then you need to check all the different aspects and various features offered by both the places. There are many things we consider while choosing a boarding school in Varanasi or somewhere else like needs, financial resources and other priorities that are different for every family. But if we focus on the score then boarding schools are a step ahead from a public school.

Comparatively the size of a class in a boarding school is very less than the public school. And this is also the main factor of success of the boarding. Because due to smaller size class teachers can easily focus on all the students equally and help them in their growth and development. And this one-one attention give n by the faculty allows students to focus on their studies and to maintain focus while learning.

Comparatively there are many benefits of putting your kids in a boarding school. As the best cbse residential schools in India parents choose us in order to get the best part of the education on modern premises. There are many benefits available with us let’s check here:

1. Quality resources - All the resources provides by the school such as separate hostel for boys and girls, laundry, hot water, daily newspaper, healthy vegetarian diet, healing center, pathology and X-ray lab services- are superior relative to choices available locally.

2. Best academics - Academics offered are at high standards and students are very encouraged towards "ask why". They are very attentive, inquisitive towards taking challenging problems.

3. Attention to students - Due to the smaller class sizes our teachers give equal attention to all the students. They listen their problems and focus them separately. Settings of our classrooms are designed in a highly specialized manner in order to encourage students to take participation in studies and to can easily make eye contact among everyone in the classroom.

4. Experienced and professional faculty members - We are the top boarding schools in India so in order to maintain our standards we have only qualified faculty members in our campus. They are well versed in their professional and always provide quality education to the students.

About Rajghat Besant:
Rajghat Education Centre (REC) is the best boarding school in Varanasi and a part of school chain of Krishnamurti schools. With the undefeated academic proficiency, we always try to emerge sensitivity and intelligence in your kids in a non-competitive environment. REC was established in 1928 in the ancient city of India named as Varanasi.

Contact us:
For queries on admission, academics, hostels, teacher positions or matters pertaining to specific child please write to office@rajghatbesantschool.org

For Teacher positions, please write to positions@rajghatbesantschool.org

For all other matters, please write to admin@rajghatbesantschool.org

For any urgent queries, please call us on +91-542-2440336 / 6540278.

Website: https://www.rajghatbesantschool.org/

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