Products to People: The Mechanics of Marketing Book Launch

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - “Products to People: The Mechanics of Marketing” by Ryan Bilodeau Hits Online Bookstores


New Book Helps Small Businesses Develop Their Companies

Providence, RI - June 6, 2017 - A new e-book by a veteran marketer Ryan Bilodeau shows smaller enterprise owners how you can leverage human psychology to retain their consumer base.

Products to People: The Mechanics of Marketing by Ryan Bilodeau is a new take on an old endeavor: increasing one’s small organization. Now bakers, neighborhood mechanics and donut shop owners can learn how you can leverage human psychology to greater have an understanding of and market to prospective clients. Inside the book Ryan Bilodeau focuses on four human qualities that render people more likely to buy a solution. These realities should be regarded as, Bilodeau argues, when marketing one’s solution for the masses:

· People Are Inattentive. Your marketing approach need to account for this reality in case your product is ever to achieve the sustained interest in the public.

· People Are Trendy. If your product is wrapped up inside a popular movement, fad or is associated to a new and trendy solution niche, then people are far more likely to buy it.
· People Are Needy. From Facebook buddies to Twitter followers, people like to collect points. Why not convince people to gather your solution too?
· People Are Tribal. People like to be a part of causes or affiliated with organizations. In the event you can align your solution using a brand or way of life, then you will have at your disposal a built-in buyer base.

“Small corporations are the backbone of this country. And a lot of of them fail every year for the reason that they don’t understand how best to market to potential prospects. I hope this book helps them do just that,” says Bilodeau, who features a background in marketing for each small businesses and political candidates.

Ryan Bilodeau is often a teacher, author and modest business owner who's ardent about assisting the homeless. In his individual life, Ryan is usually a huge fan of marketing, writing, Boston sports, poetry, politics and hip-hop.

Products to People: The Mechanics of Marketing is out there on Amazon and at

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