Cryxpt Code, Alphasafe and Others Spend Millions for DiMagna SeCured Token

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November 23, 2017: Bitcoin holders are currently dancing if not to the bank then more so in place as the father of cryptocurrency bust through the $8000 ceiling reaching record highs over $8200. Need we remind you as always that Bitcoin was trading for 10 times less last year, which makes the raising price that more exciting. We’re witnessing more grow with Bitcoin than majority of the stock market has in years. Ethereum is hiking as well hitting cover $350 per coin, along with the rest of the cryptocurrency market as the total market cap reaches over $240 billion dollars.

Last time we wrote about DiMagna and their Secured (LOCK) Token, there was word that their team was overly booked concerning meetings with numerous big time investors interested in their SeCured token and its growth and benefits. Reporting then we had no names or even dollar amounts to go off on, however with some inside news, research and also the help of we finally have that information available.

As it stands Cryxpt Code, Alphasafe and two other investors are responsible for investing roughly $253.22 Million dollars in DiMagna and their SeCured token. Along with their investment news DiMagna also announced that their Secured (LOCK) Token will start rewarding claims losses for crypto-investors that get burned by scam ICO tokens as well.

As DiMagna gains more traction from investors and crypto-users, it becomes more and more revealingly obvious that they have a cryptocurrency protection train worth getting on.

About the Company:
DiMagna is a cryptocurrency company that allows the crypto-owners to transfer their crypto-financial risk for safe trading and investment. To know more and to get your Secured (LOCK) Token now visit

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Sr. Admin: Andonis Hyman
Business/Company Name: DiMagna
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